Main Theme is the sewage or Sewerage.
Contents will be the Report of the seek of Design Manhole Cover.
Osaka Several, Osaka
 These manhole cover s are not so exciting.

What is FCD?

What is SUGA?

This is for Osaka Gas.

This is not a manhole cover.
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Osaka Fire hydrant, Osaka
 Fairly long time I could not find new manhole cover in Osaka.
So I also very glad to find this manhole (Fire Hydrant) cover of Osaka.
This exist at Ebisubashi- bridge intersection.

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Osaka customs house, Osaka
 I was very pleased with this manhole cover, because this has Japanese Kanji character 'zeikan' = 'customs house'.

I'm sorry they are same style, but Iwas so glad then both of them I want to show here.
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Osaka harbor, Osaka
I went Osaka harbor to see Tutankamen exhibition, I also went Osaka Harbor side.
There are some manhole cover of the Port and Harbor Authority.
When I went there several years ago, there are old tyoe one, but I couldn't find them this time.
Today's one are follows;

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Osaka, Osaka
 At Kyobashi station of JR Tozai line, there are some old manhole cover on the  platform.
The first one is

and this has Japanese Katakana character 'Tatsuno"/
The second one is

I'm sorry this photo is noto so clear.
And I don't knoe why there is manhole cover of Higashiosaka city on th platform.
In  addition, there are manhole special cover that was made in commemoration of the flower exposition in Osaka Tsurumi.
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Hirakata, Osaka
I don't know this logo at the center of this manhole cover.
These manhole covers, about 10, are near Nagao-oike pond 500 meters far from Nagao station of JR Katamachi line.
Because Japanese character nera this logo is Usui = Rain, this may be of some public organization.
I'm not sure this might be old Hirakata city's logo.
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Osaka, Osaka

Even the background of this manhole cover  is same as other city, I first meet this in osaka?
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Neyagawa, Osaka
At the south exit of Higashi-Neyagawa station of JR Gakken-Toshi line, there are 2 manhole covers as follows; 

She is Princess Hachikazuki (Wearing Bowl).
And she lived here.

And the north exit of this station sandard designed colored manhole cover of Neyagawa is placed.

And at the clossing 50 meters far from this station,
fairly old manhole cover of Osaka prefecture is places.
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Toyonaka, Osaka

At the entrance of the Museum of Osaka University, which is far about 500
meters from Ishibashi station.
This is the colored sample of the manhole cover of Toyonaka city.

And the below is Fire Hydrant of Toyonaka,
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Ikeda, Osaka
In front of Ishibashi station of Hankyu railway Takarazuka line this manhole cover exist.

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