Main Theme is the sewage or Sewerage.
Contents will be the Report of the seek of Design Manhole Cover.
Sewage Works Exhibition ‘06 Osaka 2006
Today I went to Sewage Works Exhibition‘06 Osaka in Osaka City・INTEX OSAKA.
I think that Manhole Cover exhibition by the company which make Manhole Cover decreased year by year.
But this time in Osaka I was pleased by Each Prefectures' Booth.
Especially Osaka Prefecture's Booth is very wonderful one for manhole people.
This is introduced in
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Tokyo Millenalio Exit
From Dec.24 until Jan.1 Last Tokyo Millenalio is held at Marunouchi, Tokyo.
This is the Light at Exit of Millenalio.
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Mt.Fuji from Fuji station.
There are a little cloudy at the top of th mountain.
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